Ethical Guidelines

Publishing ethics issues

MKIJ regards research ethics as a very important aspect of all published manuscripts and must be keenly followed to protect both the researcher, the co-researchers, participants, respondents and every object and subject elements involved in the study. Academic and professional research, just like any other areas, must adhere to ethical rules that involves human beings, vulnerable populations, confidentiality, and anonymity among others. MKIJ adheres to Ethical Guidelines similar to MKI Ethics Committee and for Educational Research published by the British Educational Research Association (BERA) which may be perused and applied accordingly.

  • The editorial board will monitor and safeguard the publishing ethics of the journal
  • The guidelines for retracting articles are as follows:
    • Articles that are seriously flawed and unreliable will be retracted. Redundant articles (published in other journals prior to MKIJ) will be retracted. Change of authorship or minor errors will not lead to retraction but to the publishing of a correction notice.
    • Notices of retraction will clearly state the reason and the retracted article will be clearly marked in all electronic versions of the journal, and a retraction notice will be published in the print copy of the journal.
  • The journal will not compromise intellectual or ethical standards in favour of the business needs of the journal
  • The editorial board will maintain the integrity of the academic record of the journal
  • The editorial board will always be willing to publish corrections, clarifications, retractions and apologies when needed.
  • No plagiarism and no fraudulent data will be tolerated in the journal